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Latest B.Sc Jobs

B.Sc stands for Bachelor in Science. A Bachelor in science degree is offered in various subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Biotechnology, Mathematics etc. One can opt for this courses if have keen interest in studying Science.


There are various professional courses offered apart from the regular courses. Just like an academic courses, students who have a B.Sc degree also have an excellent service opportunities.  Jobs for B.Sc graduates are not just constrained in the field of science but also they can explore others areas like management, Engineeringlaw etc.

After the completion of the B.Sc course, students can work in diverse areas which include both science & non-science fields. The job opportunities available for the students are not only great in terms of remuneration package, but also a rewarding job experience.


There are ample of opportunities  available after B.Sc. One can can go in a research field,  Some professional B.Sc. courses like animation and IT open the door of animation and IT industry for the graduates, the other professional B.Sc. field such as Agriculture, Psychology,  also have vast career opportunities.

Apart from the research jobs, students can also work or get jobs in Marketing, Business & Other technical fields. Science graduates also recruited in the bank sector. One can also find employment in government sectors

Some of the prominent careers after BSc are:

  • Scientist, Scientific Assistant, Research analyst.
  • Teachers, Technical Writer/Editor, Lecturers.
  • Chemist, Enumerators, Researcher.
  • Biostatistic, Clinical Research Manager, Consultant.
Employment Areas for B.Sc graduates
  • Educational Institutes, Hospitals.
  • Health Care Providers, Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology Industry, Chemical Industry, Environmental Management and Conservation, Forensic Crime Research, Research Firms.
  • Testing Laboratories, Geological Survey Departments.
  • Wastewater Plants, Aquariums, Forest Services, Oil Industry.


The recruitment process may vary from Profession to Profession. The basic interview, Group Discussion and other methods such as Written examination for some profession may be used for recruitment.